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I’ve updated the Gallery with several New Pictures. Emma is on the Cover of “The Edit” Magazine. I’ve added the Scans and the Outtakes in the Gallery. I’ve added a New Lancôme Picture of Emma from China if I’m not mistaken. And I’ve finally added the High Quality Pictures of Emma during “The Bling Ring” Press Junket in Cannes.

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[006x] Photoshoots > 2013 > Bjorg Iooss

[001x] Other Projects > Lancôme > UV Expert

[003x] Events > 2013 > “The Bling Ring” Cannes Film Festival Press Junket at the Movie Star Lounge, Carlon Hotel in Cannes on May, 17

As you can see, there is a New Theme on the Site and the Gallery. Both Versions were realized by Nicole at I hope you love the Versions as much as I do. Nicole did a very good job.

I’ve added New High Quality Stills and Posters from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and New High Quality Posters from “The Bling Ring”.


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I’ve added in the Gallery New Stills / Behind the Scenes Pictures from the Bling Ring.

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Emma was the “Bling Ring” Premiere in New York City last night. You can find 215 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery. And I’ve added a New High Quality Still from “This is The End”.

[215x] Events > 2013 > Emma Watson Attends The ‘The Bling Ring’ New York Screening At The Paris Theatre In New York City On June, 11

[001x] Movies > THIS IS THE END > Stills > Stills (High Quality)

I’ve added 4 High Quality Scans of Emma in One Magazine (June / July 2013).

[004x] Other Projects > Magazines / Press > One (France – June / July 2013)

Emma was spotted yesterday in Nashville. She was in the City to spent her day with her best friend Roberto (it was for Roberto Birthday). You can find 35 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery. And I’ve added a New Portrait of Emma made during Cannes Film Festival.

[035x] Candids > 2013 > Emma Spotted In Nashville With Roberto On June, 08

[001x] Photoshoots > 2013 > Session #07

Emma was at the “Bling Ring” Press Conference in Los Angeles on June, 05. You can find 17 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

[017x] Photoshoots > 2013 > Session #06

Emma was at the “Bling Ring” Premiere last night in Los Angeles. She was spotted arriving at the Premiere signing for fans, on the Red Carpet, and leaving the After Party at Marmont. You can find 311 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

[029x] Candids > 2013 > Emma Watson Arrives At “The Bling Ring” Premiere And Signs For The Fans On June, 04

[274x] Events > 2013 > Emma Watson Arrives To The Los Angeles Premiere Of A24’S ‘The Bling Ring’ At Directors Guild Of America On June, 04

[008x] Candids > 2013 > Emma Watson Leaves “The Bling Ring” Party At The Chateau Marmont On June, 04

I’ve updated the Gallery with several High Quality Pictures. First, you can find the W Magazine Photoshoot in High Quality in the Gallery. Second, I’ve added New Pictures of Emma’s Wax in London, you can see her with Will Smith and Georges Clooney. And to finish, I’ve added New Pictures of Emma at the Bling Ring Premiere in Cannes (Insides Pictures) and New Pictures from the Press Conference.

[004x] Photoshoots > 2013 > Session #05

[009x] Other Projects > Madame Tussauds (Wax Work) > Madame Tussauds Reveals Emma Watson’s New Wax Work Dresssed Exclusively By Elie Saab On The 26th March 2013, London, UK

[010x] Events > 2013 > ‘The Bling Ring’ Press Conference During The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival On May, 16

[010x] Events > 2013 > ‘The Bling Ring’ Premiere – Inside – The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival On May, 16

During the Festival, Emma did a lot of Interviews. I’m going to post some, and I’m sorry if I missed some.

Emma and the Cast talk to The Guardian
Emma talks to The Hollywood Reporter
Emma talks to France 24 (at 2.20)
– Here below the Cast at the Grand Journal:

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I’m adding all the HD Videos from the Press Conference on the Youtube Chanel, you can see HERE.